Photo Credit:    Charley Akers Photo

Photo Credit: Charley Akers Photo

A lifelong interest in handmade

For as long as I can remember I have loved all things handmade.  The desire to see artwork, to own special pieces, and sometimes trying it out myself to learn the processes has been ever present in my life. 

A career working as the manager of two large fine craft galleries has satisfied this art interest, and I’ve traveled and networked across the country on behalf of the craft industry.  Opportunities have come my way to judge art shows in many states, jury artists into festivals and exhibitions, plan an array of special events, and just sell handmade work for over 25 years. 

The best part has been in knowing so many artists and learning about their processes.  This is what I offer you through Art Connections.

Connecting artists to new customers, and introducing new homeowners to the artists that align with their interests is one way my background can be of service.  I also enjoy helping visitors experience the art scene in Western NC through curated tours.

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