Art adds beauty and joy to our surroundings.

Art connects us… to the world around us, to special times and to our shared history. It’s uplifting and inspiring!

Having the experience of meeting the maker and discovering more about them also contributes to the meaning of the artwork.  

By including unique handcrafted objects to enhance your living or workspace you add this discriminating pleasure.  If you are relocating, building a new residence, or renovating your home or workspace -- Art Connections is your source. Helping you choose “art that resonates” is our specialty.  We urge you not to settle for mass produced furnishings.  Choose art that makes a connection and supports the hand made economy!

Choosing art can be overwhelming at times – there are so many wonderful artists to consider!  How do you select what best fits your needs and interests?

Contact Sherry Masters of Art Connections - she’ll be more than happy to help. 

Sherry is widely known for her commitment to the arts community of Western NC and beyond.  She believes in hospitality and will put your needs first as we work together to add art to your environment. 

Schedule your consultation with Sherry today!

"Sherry is a remarkably talented arts consultant who led us on an amazing and thoroughly enjoyable journey of discovery, during which we met engaging artists and craft makers and were able to select beautiful pieces for our home with her guidance and thoughtful input. Sherry is a wonderful resource for anyone looking to enhance their home with Asheville's fine arts and crafts."

— ET Asheville —