2018 - A re-introduction


In this new year I wanted to just re-introduce myself.  I know some of you very well, and some of you I don't know at all - yet! 

I'm Sherry Masters - a local to western NC, and I have always loved beautiful handmade objects. I grew up in a rural area, north of Asheville, on a mountainside…my family, especially my Dad and uncles worked together to garden, raise crops of tobacco (everyone did back then) and to fix, build, or make what was needed around the house, in addition to their other employment.  As a child I remember being amazed at seeing my uncles make toys for me out of just what they found around the house and yard...creativity is in my heritage.  It just took a while for me to recognize it!

Details of an art object jump out at me, and I love seeing intricacies in design. I enjoy hearing how someone thought of making what they made. The joy artists have in creating is contagious!

After graduating from college I've worked for and with artists (over 30 years) primarily as a Buyer for fine craft galleries - but I've also served on local and national committees, I've been a craft show juror or judge many times, and I've always enjoyed planning special events featuring art.  Over all these years I've met and worked with many of the talented artists in Western NC.

When I retired from retail ;) I was given the idea to do tours - that was 2012, and I haven't looked back!  Art tours are inspiring and so much fun! We visit and make connections with a wide range of creative people in this region. Some are extroverts and some are quieter, they are dear people and it's a pleasure for me to introduce you to them! 

I use the tag line “Discover | Learn | Connect” and that is aways what we do on art tours! We'll have an adventure  :)