"Art" vacation to Norway this summer ;)

Norway wAG and glass.IMG_6974.jpeg

I just returned from a vacation to visit good friends in Norway.  I’d been once before with family, but this trip was with a long-time good friend from the arts community.  We had a great mix of seeing art, the outdoors, architecture, small towns and large cities – and good food! 

Our Norwegian host knew a local artist working in glass and arranged for a meeting.  The first thing this glass artist said to us was “I want to come to Penland School of Craft!”  She knew of many of the glass and sculpture artists we know.  This connection made for an instant easy relationship leading to invitations for her to visit Asheville and to let us show her this area – and to introduce her to Penland artists.  It’s lovely how small the art community can truly be.

This ‘connection’ happens many times on my tours.  A tour participant will meet an artist and they find they have many threads of places or people in common.  And, while the greater Asheville area seems to be busting at the seams with tourism, new businesses and things to do – it’s still a comfortable, friendly easy city to visit!