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Robert Levin
Glass & Mixed Media Sculptor

A visit to glass artist Rob Levin’s studio is an enriching art experience! He has an extensive assortment of blown and cast glass to view, everything from the expected glass ornaments, bowls and vases to the curious sculptural, whimsical objects and large-scale mixed-media pieces which often work as outdoor installations. There’s truly high quality work to see for every interest. But a visit to Rob’s studio is also an opportunity to learn from someone with a love for teaching and clearly explaining the methods behind the pieces. 

Rob has a Masters in Fine Art from Southern Illinois University and was formerly the Resident Glass Artist at Penland School of Craft.  As often happens, he and his wife decided to stay in the Western North Carolina area near Penland after his residency ended. Rob travels and teaches when opportunities arise, and has led workshops throughout the US, in Ireland, and in New Zealand. He has also been very active with the arts in the state of North Carolina. He received two North Carolina Arts Council Fellowships, and a NC Arts Council Project Grant. For nine years he created the NC Governor's Entrepreneurial Schools Awards. He has twice created the NC Governor's Business Awards in Arts and Humanities. 

Robs’ varied and deep levels of involvement in education, and his lifetime career in glass have given him a broad experience base that he is more than happy to share. In his own words: “The glass itself can be a symbol of human characteristics: fragile, but durable; fluid, but hard-edged. This all has something to do with the possibilities for change and transformation, both with the material and with the person doing the creating. I think of my work as an act of communication, not only with myself, but with the viewer as well.”

Opportunities to share time in a studio like Rob’s makes Art Connections proud and excited to do what we do.

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