Deana Blanchard & Chuck Young
Glass & Metal Sculptors

When Deana and Chuck made the move across the country, from Colorado to North Carolina in 1994, they were looking for a beautiful location where they wouldn’t have to use air conditioning in their home or studio. These professional artists achieved their goal and much more when settling between Asheville and Penland School of Craft. Now they have the access to the artist community and events near Penland, and the restaurants and shopping in Asheville. Being centrally located on the east coast is another plus, allowing them to travel to fine craft shows both north and south.

When you go visit their studio, you might wonder why they’d ever leave it: the mountain views are stunning and the well-equipped studio is an inspiring place to create the glass and metal work Deana and Chuck are widely known for.

Deana has been a professional glass artist since 1978. Chuck started making art in his youth and got a B.A. in graphic design in 1979. They met in 1982 through a mutual friend and became friends over lively discussions about art and design, getting married in 1984.

 Over the years this glass duo had built a body of work ranging from stained glass window panels, floor screens and wall panels to their most recent designs of outdoor sculpture, screens and gates. Each work now incorporates glass, metal and enamel accents. Working collaboratively in every step, Deana and Chuck make everything themselves without the aid of studio assistants. 

Their artist statement explains their outlook perfectly: “Our goal is to make art which conveys the happiness we feel about the world and its processes. We have so much fun together, and hope our work reflects the lightness, playfulness, and exuberance of life through the interplay of line, color, and light. Our wish is to fabricate pieces that will tickle the eye now and for years to come.”

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