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Brief overview of a past tour

Interested in art and history…

A couple recently learned of my art tours through a lodging partner, Abbington Green Bed & Breakfast, and we enjoyed a ½ day tour seeing studios, galleries and historic homes.

These visitors shared that she has an interest in music, and they have daughters who are artists in jewelry and ceramics.  Those few insights allowed me to introduce them to artists in Asheville with similar interests, and a good common ground was easily formed. 

First we drove and saw some historic homes in the nearby Montford community, talked about Asheville’s early days as a health and wellness destination, and tied in some early notable residents such as Richard Sharp Smith, Edwin Grove, as well as frequent visitor - F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Next we visited the artist studio of Chris Abell and Abell Flutes.  Chris explained some of the history of flute making and how musical instruments evolved as orchestras grew and conductors and musicians had opportunities to play to larger audiences.  His flute, introduced in 1988, was the first professional model wood flute to be introduced in that material since the 1920’s!  And then we got to hear Chris play a flute.  Wow!

As we left Chris’ studio we happened to see Kathleen Doyle, and were invited into her metals studio just around the corner. Once again connections were made.  Leaving the metal studio we visited Grovewood Gallery, then we were off to travel across town to the River Arts District to see whom we could visit. 

In the River Arts District we explored photography, the sculptural baskets of Matt Tommey, mixed media and paintings before it was time to depart.  This tour had a nice flow of planned and a few unplanned visits, as our goal was to learn some of why Asheville is such an art destination and to see a variety of art.



"We loved the tour. Sherry showed us the art and the soul of Asheville. She introduced us to artists and we were able to have great conversations. It's a wonderful way to get a glimpse of the city's culture."

— S. Bookbinder, visitor to Asheville from Boston area