Carl Peverall
Stone Sculptor

As a multi-media artist, Carl Peverall has unquestionable talents in metalwork, ceramics, painting and sculpture but it’s working with stone–large, heavy boulders, smooth egg-shaped river rocks or special finds brought home from trips that keep him dreaming of new and challenging creations. He now feels stone sculpture to be “the most engaging and comprehensive medium I’ve used since beginning my career as an artist nearly 40 years ago.”

An intimate connection with his surroundings is a primary influence on Carl’s art. His studio and home is on the South Toe River at the base of Mt. Mitchell adjacent to Celo, the country’s oldest surviving intentional land trust community. While literally grounded on the ancient bedrock of a river carved by years of water and weather, Carl allows memories of special people, relationships, travels and events to have a voice in the decisions made while composing stones. Much of his work is on scale with the human figure and the pieces develop gesture and narrative as they evolve. Seen in groups, they often resemble people gathered together communicating. Ultimately, Carl’s work succeeds in overcoming the formidable technical challenges of a difficult, dense medium to achieve a type of visual poetry that seems effortless and delicately balanced while emanating a powerful earth energy.

Carl also draws inspiration from a network of fellow artists and his involvement as a resource artist for CollaboratioNZ, an international artists’ gathering held biennially in Whangarei, New Zealand. He has traveled extensively and brings a worldview of relational connections to his work.

His art career includes exhibitions and teaching opportunities from New York to North Carolina to New Zealand, many corporate and private collections, and locally he’s former President of the Board Directors of the Toe River Arts Council and a founding board member of the Blue Ridge Fine Art Guild.

Art Connections Tours is thrilled to take participants to see Carl Peverall, it will be a memorable and special part of our tour.

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