When planning your visit to Western NC, include time to experience this hub of creativity!

Art Connections Tours began in the Autumn of 2013 with the goal of being the link, the bridge, or ‘connection’ if you will, to give art lovers and collectors the access to high-quality professional artist studios in the Asheville and Western North Carolina region.

Not only is this region of our nation breathtaking in scenic beauty, it’s been called ‘the cradle of craft’.  There is so much to experience and explore!  That’s where arts’ insider, Sherry Masters, can help. 

 In the Asheville area you’ll find many art-strolls, festivals, galleries and exhibit openings…but going into a private studio is an invitation to make a connection – to meet a new friend.  With her wide network of artists, Sherry will plan a thoughtfully designed and curated itinerary customized to your interests. Participants will hear from the artist as he or she describes the decisions, both aesthetic and practical, that go into making a work of art.  With insight into the inspiration and process, a true connection with the artist is forged.

 Art Connections Tours take participants into the coves and hollows of Western North Carolina, to small, charming towns and down hidden back roads past worn out barns and stunning mountain views.  In this place of enduring beauty, we’ll discover work that reflects and holds the beauty of the surroundings.  With Sherry’s lifetime of knowledge and stories from the region, the backdrop comes colorfully to life.

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 In addition to its reputation for fine craft, the area around Asheville has become known as a foodie destination. With Sherry’s insider knowledge, our full-day tours will get a taste of the area’s celebrated locavore cuisine, an art in itself.

 Art Connections is the premiere art tour that facilitates you connecting to the art world of Asheville and Western NC.  Please go over to our testimonial page and see what tour participants have said, then contact Sherry and we’ll start planning!

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