"I had just begun the process of planning an art exhibit research trip for my team of curators when I learned of Sherry's customized tour service. She did all the leg work that I'd thought I would have to do via cold-calls and emails from afar. Her contacts and extensive knowledge of the Asheville arts scene resulted, undoubtedly, in a much more rich and informative experience than we would ever have been able to put together on our own. "

Hannah Reeves, Director & Curator, Sager | Braudis Gallery, February '18 tour

"I first heard of Art Connections through a good friend who had been in Asheville the week before. The concept piqued my interest, so I called Sherry to make a reservation for a Tour. My husband was not quite so sure, as he thought he would be getting a verbal Artist Statement. Needless to say he was surprised & both of us were more than delighted. Meeting the artists in their own studio environment gives a whole different, and new perspective. It allows for personal conversation and discussion, any question can come up. It's a great way to get a more personal outlook on the work and the artist. I have to mention the Curator, Sherry, who knows everyone and everything about the Art Scene in Asheville. The great thing is she allows for the discussion to follow any direction that pops up. A most enjoyable experience, and a fantastic concept. We want to do it again. Beats a gallery tour hands down!

Alice St.Germain, Executive Producer, Wonderland Films LLC, August '17 tour

“Asheville is packed with artists, and Sherry Masters seems to know them all. Take a tour with Sherry, and learn just what makes the city – and its talented artists – so special.” 

Monica Moses, editor in chief, American Craft magazine, July '15 tour

"This tour is a must for art lovers, or those who want to learn more about a different side of Asheville."

Jennifer Clark, May '17 tour

“I want to thank you for one of the most stimulating days I have had in ages. You planned when and where we went but did not make me feel controlled.  I felt that every hour was in order without stress. You have a gift of understanding the client and leading him/her to the finest of the best crafts people in our area. I met many gifted craftspersons. You are launched on a quality journey.” 

Deener Matthews, July '15 tour

“I loved the fact that we were able to experience the artists in their work space surrounded by tools and projects in varying degrees of completion.”  

Jacquie Valdespino, March '16 tour

“What a great trip and we just loved your method of visiting artists.  We had the best time...thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Deena and Jerry Kaplan, June '14 tour

“I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful tour of the River Arts District.  It was in formative, interesting and just plain fun.  All of us on the tour really enjoyed the experience very much. Hope we can do another tour sometime.”

Linda Laughrun, November '15 tour

“The opportunity to meet artists where they work adds a deeper layer of meaning and understanding the how and the why, not just what of their work. Sherry's years of relationship-building with the artists makes these studio visits feel like connecting with friends rather than a studio tour.“

Joanne O’Sullivan, September '13 group tour

“This Art Tour was not only enjoyable but very educational for us.  We saw demonstrations of how glass objects are blown, lawn objects created, and Raku vessels fired and polished.  We completed this tour with a very solid understanding of what we had just seen and purchased. The artists were much more interested in introducing you to their expertise than selling you their wares.  However, we could not resist several of the items we saw. If you get the chance, be sure and book an art tour with Sherry. It was a great way to spend the day in Asheville.” 

Mike and Patsy Pennington, August '14 tour

“Our tour experience with you was outstanding!  You could not have been nicer more considerate or knowledgeable. Great experience.” 

Dr Steve Manello, July '15

“What a wonderful time I had with you on the Art Tour last Thursday.  It was one of the most enjoyable days I’ve had in a long time! Your choices of artists were perfect.  Each was so different and at the top of his craft.  It was delightful getting to talk to each of them and to get to know them.  You did such a great job in planning the trip–it was relaxing, educational, stimulating, and fun and your thoughtful preparation of snacks was so nice and delicious.”  

Gay Bryant, Nov '15 tour

“I went on Sherry Masters Art Tour last Sunday and it was awesome! To travel with an art curator who takes you to meet some incredible artists in their own studios demonstrating their talents was truly a unique experience that I highly recommend.”  

Bonnie Scully, May '14 tour