Michael Sherrill
Ceramics and Mixed Media Sculptor

The delicacy of the forms and surfaces in Michael Sherrill’s world echo nature’s most exquisite compositions. A twisting vine is interpreting in bronze, the mottled surface of a leaf in clay, a flower’s blossoms or berries in glass or high-temperature porcelain. So detailed, lifelike and yet heightened. Michael’s work is that of a virtuoso. But he’s also one of the most modest and generous artists you’ll meet.

Michael came to the mountains from Charlotte in the 1970s and became an innovator in the burgeoning ceramics community. His work is now showcased in high-profile private collections such as one at the White House and in museums, including the Smithsonian and Charlotte’s Mint Museum. In 2010, he received the prestigious Windgate Artists grant often referred to as the ‘genius’ grant for artists.

Michael is one of the artists I admire most for his ability to take risks, to change, and follow his innate desire to create complex and realistic works. Even after expanding his repertoire to include lamp-worked glass and metal fabrication, Michael still thinks of himself as a potter.

We’ll visit Micheal in the place where his nature-inspired ceramic and multi-media pieces take shape: his big, blue, barn-like studio in a quite mountain cove near Bat Cave. On our tour, Michael will walk us through the different areas of the studio, explaining his working process as he goes and demonstrating the tool he uses, some of which he invented himself and supplies to other artists.

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