Ed & Kate Coleman
Ceramic artists

Often personalities can speak through a body of artwork, so that you feel as if you know the artist. Ed and Kate Coleman’s ceramics dialogue in a fun-loving, lighthearted manner to those who view their creations. Their bold colors and playful themes exemplify two artists who obviously enjoy what they do. 

Artwork created by Ed and Kate Coleman includes: wall clocks, themed wall installations, single wall tiles, cups, jars (with personality), cannikins and bud vases in varying sizes. Each of these pieces offers a bold and modern flare to a medium often times more earth toned and function focused.

The Colemans have been in Western NC since 2006. They’re from Florida, and went to college in Indiana at Ball State University. Once they discovered clay they haven’t looked back, but determined they would make a life as professional artists.  After a few studio moves, including a stint in the River Arts District, Ed and Kate now have a lovely home studio where they can live and raise a family near their work.

Traveling to art shows is a part of building a career as artists, pulling a Coleman camper no less! It’s a lot of work to make, pack, unpack, display and sell in art shows, but it does provide sales, good public exposure and opportunities to get out of the studio for a break! Ed and Kate have won awards the past few years at Winter Park Art Festival, Winter Park, Florida and Peoria Fine Art Festival, Peoria, Illinois. Their ceramics have been featured in films with both Universal Pictures and Paramount Pictures and their work has been published in American Craft Magazine, Niche Magazine, N the Magazine of Naples, FL, Gulfshore Life Magazine and the Asheville Citizen-Times.

Ed and Kate’s artist statement sums up their thoughts nicely: “We believe that life is more beautiful and more livable when surrounded by things made by hand. Our work is created for those who search for this quality in fine craft objects. We share this connection with those who own our work.” 

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