American Craft Week in Western North Carolina

It takes a community:

In 2010 many galleries in our country were closing their doors or barely hanging on to stay afloat.  Gallery owners and craft industry leaders came around again to a conversation that had been sort of ongoing, “what if we could all have an event at the same time – all across the nation?”  Galleries desperately needed a boost, no one had advertising monies, so it would have to be affordable and each venue would promote the greater event.  It was grassroots and small in the beginning.

Eight years later American Craft Week (ACW) has become the nations largest event celebrating  craft across our country!  Hundreds of participants join and hold events including: festivals, open studios, demonstrations, kiln openings, workshops, exhibit openings, studio strolls, charity events – it’s huge!

Western North Carolina has been involved from the beginning.  We had the most participants of any state to join in the early years of ACW – and we continue to be strong region of participation!  This year we are joining as an American Craft Week community for an exhibition at the Asheville Area Arts Council.  The opening is Oct 6 from 5pm – 8pm.  We’d love for you to come!


"What if we ALL tell the world what craft creates for America: jobs, vibrant communities, economic growth, and an exceptional national heritage and a beautiful aesthetic for our homes and public places."