Trying out Blacksmithing at Penland School of Craft

Trying out Blacksmithing at Penland School of Craft

Penland School of Crafts: Community Day

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Every year the craft community in and around Penland School of Craft invites young and old alike to join in and become Makers! It’s awesome! I’ve been 3 times and it’s always on my radar to try to get there each year.

Sometimes the weather is crummy and cold, but the studios are warm and inviting - and hey, you can go hangout in the Glass studio or Iron studio where the heat is if it’s a really cold day ;)

I had a short window of time to entice my two boys to go to Community Day. When they were younger we just loaded them up and headed out, a few years later it took some bribery and arm-twisting. The wonderful thing is - they always had a great time once we arrived and started trying the different activities in each studio.

What to expect: lots of artists from the area prepped to help you create a pre-planned craft item. You can try something in every studio if you get there early! or go to just a few and make your stay more focused. We’ve made bird-feeders in the Wood studio; printed notecards in the Print shop; wrought iron plant stakes in the Blacksmith studio; used a torch to make glass beads in the Glass studio; and my husband even made a glass paperweight in the Hot Glass shop (you have to signup for Glass).

All the details are on the Penland website. I hope to see you there this year! And it’s only in the afternoon! 1p-5p!


"Each year, over 100 artist volunteers from the surrounding community make this day possible by helping visitors with the hands-on activities in the studios."