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Alison Webb
Landscape Painter

Fascinated and intrigued by color since an early age, Alison Webb had a successful career in the textile field as a design forecaster and color expert. Now she indulges her love of color as a painter, working in oils and pastels on canvas. 

After living in New York and traveling to Europe and Asia, Alison settled in Asheville in 2006 and began working seriously as a painter. She quickly connected with other artists in the greater Asheville area, joining the Appalachian Pastel Society, Urban Landscape Painters and studying with the Fine Arts League of the Carolinas. She also traveled to Assisi, Italy for drawing classes with Art Workshop International and to Peninsula School of Art, located in the art enclave of Door County, Wisconsin for plein air and studio classes. Seeking constructive feedback and community, Alison currently studies with local painter Mark Henry.

Alison's goal is to present landscapes in a fresh way.  She loves capturing nuances and shifting light of a landscape on canvas. She has recently begun a series in which she adds thoughtful touches of gold-leaf in small amounts to her works. Alison loves a challenge and she looks for new ways to engage people into really seeing her landscapes—to linger and to enjoy these beautiful scenes that take her breath away when she paints.

Visit Alison’s studio with Art Connection! It will be delightful to see her paintings, both completed and those in process, as we hear more of her story.

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