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True connections are what art is all about: connecting us to our history, our values, and our shared experiences and emotions. True, deep connections happen face-to-face, with time spent and ideas exchanged.

Art Connections Tours are designed to connect art lovers and collectors with the makers in the most authentic way: one on one, in the places where they do their work in scenic Western North Carolina.


Art Connections with Sherry Masters

Coming to the Asheville NC area? Consider going on an Art Tour with Sherry Masters...see what a tour is like, and hear from some past participants on this video. Remember, every tour is different! The number of artists in this region is high - so we curate each tour to your timeframe and specific interests.


Staying Connected



What people say...

“Asheville is packed with artists, and Sherry Masters seems to know them all. Take a tour with Sherry, and learn just what makes the city – and its talented artists – so special.”

— Monica Moses, editor in chief, American Craft magazine, July 15, 2015 tour.